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MetaComet™ Systems Announces Launch Date for RT Monitor™

MetaComet Systems announced today that its RT Monitor™ product would be available for release by October 1, 2005. This exciting new product will improve its already best-in-class customer service by alerting the MetaComet™ Support staff of issues before the customer even realizes that there is a problem.

As an example, The Royalty Tracker™ Solution currently provides seamless integration with the four key systems in an organization. If one of those integration points is severed, RT Monitor™ will almost instantly alert MetaComet™ Systems’ customer service, enabling us to pro-actively correct the issue.

RT Monitor™, written in C# in Microsoft’s .Net Framework, runs as a service on the royalty server.

“Customer service is one of our competitive advantages,” says MetaComet™ President David Marlin. “RT Monitor™ allows us to stay at the leading edge of our already best-in-class support. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers, and this is a great achievement for our company.”

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