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Improving Royalty Management with MetaComet’s Sales Aggregator

One of the most time consuming aspects of The Royalty Management Life Cycle is processing sales reports. Many of our clients receive sales data from various sources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, CreateSpace and many other distributors. Combining the sales data into an easily accessible file or format shouldn’t have to be time consuming or tedious. To facilitate this process we created the Sales Aggregator. 

Simply select a sales file from your computer, specify the file type and click on the import button. Our tool automatically knows the layout of the file and adds it to your Sales Aggregator database. Your original files are stored online, providing you the ability to re-download a file at any time, or view it directly from your browser. You can also see the detailed line items of every sale you’ve imported or do a search by title, product ID or ISBN, or date, and just filter down as needed.

If you need to set up a file type that may not exist in the Sales Aggregator that can be done quite easily. This tool also does automatic currency conversion, grabbing Exchange Rates for any date and currency.

By subscribing to our Sales Aggregator you will automatically have access to use our AuthorPortal.com tool as well. This tool allows you to provide a digital savvy first impression to your authors and facilitates all aspects of your relationships. It is also a great central repository for storing all of your documents.

But the real value in the Sales Aggregator is the ability to export all of your sales data into an excel file which you can then slice and dice however you want. If you are using Royalty Tracker this will automatically transmit all of your sales data to Royalty Tracker.

If you would like more information about our Sales Aggregator, or AuthorPortal.com please email us at: [email protected].

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