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Distributing the wealth of an idea’s revenue is constantly in flux in an era where sharing media is as easy as posting something on Facebook. How do top companies ensure that their earnings end up in the right place, even in the midst of social media and Google? In an effort to make this process as quick and painless as possible, many distributors are relying on revenue sharing software to manage the flow of income, and make sure that rights are protected, regardless of how complicated the contract in question may be. Here is how book, music, and arts publishers are putting their protective stamp on their intellectual property, and how the creators of these products are collecting the benefits.

Save Money First, Make Money Later

Several online publishers offer their own in-house brand of revenue sharing. The software in question is not unlike what is used by accounting software companies like Quickbooks or Sage. For independent or self-publishers, there are several options that allow for production of work online, for next to nothing, and some come from high profile providers, such as Amazon, and even Google.
Amazon offers its own solution for independent publishers. With CreateSpace, writers can bypass the time and tension of submitting their works to large scale publishing houses and get their work on the online retail giant for less than $10. Google’s eReader takes aim at the same audience, for a similar low price. Both venues appear to be equally effective, and worth looking into, especially if on a shoe string budget.

Local Possibilities

Localized revenue sharing software is another effective option for a small press or publishing house. Here, the middleman of an online distributor is taken out, leaving only you, your computer systems, and your purchased software license. With these types of software, you can ensure total privacy to the artists you represent, and with the right people on your financial and technical team, the installation, management, and modification of this kind of technology becomes a breeze.

These kinds of application can also manage contracts and generates statements maintain databases that help expedite the tracking of author and title information, as well as creating a spreadsheet of sales reports and, of course, revenue distribution. Are you looking for complete autonomy regarding your financial needs? Then you will find that this kind of software offers protection of your financial privacy and intellectual property that is nothing less than priceless.

MetaComet Systems

Eager to begin your search for royalty accounting software, but don’t know where to start? Kick off your research by learning about the company MetaComet Systems. Created by publishing industry veteran David Marlin and well-known literary agent Richard Curtis, the company was created in order to ease the anxiety of late payments and improve relationships with authors. MetaComet has since gone on to be considered a cornerstone of the industry, with many considering it the most trusted name in the business. Not bad for a side project by two artistic types who just wanted to make things easier for fellow creative types, huh?

After the effort of putting your heart and soul into a creative medium, you should be rewarded, not met with more stress. That is why looking into the proper methods for revenue sharing can be invaluable to publishers and authors alike. Whether using an online platform or purchasing software licensing, these methods of revenue sharing technology will cut through the sticky situation of distributing funds and rights to the proper parties. Instead of letting the pressure get to you, test out one of these programs today, and put your content in the best hands on the market. Your passion is your art. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that it’s protected.

Description: While bringing creative ideas to market can be intimidating, with revenue sharing software, it is easier than ever before to attain the royalties you deserve.

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