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Getting On The Right Side of the Digital: Being Ready for Full Digital Content Integration

With so much fluctuation, so much rapidly evolving technology, and so many emerging ways for readers to get content, no business plan can make you technology proof, or make you ready for every innovation that will come. Far from being a negative, this is a great state of affairs; sure, there are going to be opportunities that you just can’t capitalize on, but there are enough new business models, verticals, and distribution networks so that the agile will be able to make change work to their advantage. Are we naive about the risks in the publishing? Not at all. We’ve just been around for some of the most turbulent times in the business, and we’ve seen what makes companies able to whether the storm.

MetaComet(r) Systems has been providing rights management and royalty processing solutions to the publishing industry for over a decade – a decade that has been extremely tumultuous, due to macroeconomics, and major shifts in the way book content is created, sold, and consumed. We’ve seen so much change in the publishing industry, and we are fully expecting, and prepared for more change.

What we’ve learned from watching the most resilient publishers adapt to, and capitalize on, changes in the book business, is that there isn’t any single technology solution that will prepare for all eventualities. Short of a crystal ball, the only sure bet in being ready for the next developments in digital content is to have a strong foundation on which to react quickly and strongly.

At MetaComet, we stay participate on the frontier of digital to ensure that our customers are always prepared.

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