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2011 – A Quick Look Back at the Year in Rights and Royalty Management

2011 – What a year!

Back in 2009, we made significant strategic changes to the way we operate, and really saw the fruits of our labors in 2011.

First, while we have always had a customer focus, we intensified that into a customer commitment.  Our objective is to set realistic expectations, and then do everything that we can to exceed them.  No excuses.

The key to hitting this goal?  Proactivity.  Having been in the royalty management business for the last 12 years, we know where customers are most likely to get tripped up.  And we have come to recognize certain patterns of behavior that can threaten a project’s success.  A customer focused organization, as we were, would be extremely responsive when these issues come up and resolve them quickly.  A customer committed organization would go a step further and pro-actively address these issues before they became issues.

For example, when a customer says that they will have reviewed a set of royalty statement tests prior to going live, and their due date is 3 weeks away, we continuously check in with them to ensure that they are making progress.  If they get tripped up or feel overwhelmed by other work, we hold their hand through the process.  Missing key dates hurts a project.  It does not matter whose fault it is – we are partners.  We need to be successful together.  Let’s not wait to point fingers.  Let’s just get it done well.

Second, in 2009, we decided to open our service offerings to smaller publishers.  Our impressive customer base (Taylor & Francis, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, etc.) has resulted in the evolution of the most sophisticated, robust royalty accounting platform available.  What if we could find a way to offer that same system to smaller publishers at an affordable price?  Welcome to RT Online!  By hosting our platform and standardizing our service, we have been able to offer cost effective, high value solutions to virtually any publisher.  The result:  we signed more customers in 2011 than in any prior year.  By a lot.

Third, we have continued to enhance our offerings to bring value to our customers.  We help our customers generate more revenue through our robust rights management module.  Customers can now easily sending dunning letters to past due accounts, and easily identify expiring yet profitable licenses.     We have also introduced powerful new reports and a new suite of statement templates.  This is the tip of the iceberg.

We have worked hard in 2011 to bring you the best royalty solution available.

Stay tuned for what’s ahead in 2012!

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