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Five Barriers To Royalty Management Automation – And How To Overcome Them

When we talk to publishers about the benefits of our royalty management systems, some barriers to adoption come up again and again. It’s understandable to have hesitations about adopting new systems into a business, but in our experience it is more straightforward to remedy them than you might think. Here are five of the most common barriers, and how MetaComet helps overcome them.

1. Costs

Any investment in new systems has a cost implication, and new businesses in particular are justifiably tentative about spending money. However, our experience tells us that returns almost always justify the investment. Royalty automation saves hours and hours of work and substantially reduces the risk of error, and both those benefits are frequently undervalued. The alternative—managing royalties manually—brings significant costs of its own.

2. Disruption

Introducing new systems into a business brings anxiety about disruption to everyday business operations. We’re conscious of that, and our tried-and-trusted MetaGoLive process ensures an efficient integration of our royalty management software into other systems within a business, with minimal interference to your work.

3. Technical worries

New systems require a degree of technical competence to manage, especially in the early days. Our support team are ready to help—not just with initial implementation but with all follow-up queries or concerns. As our testimonials show, we’re highly rated for our client care.

4. Security

Keeping systems protected is a top priority. Our cloud-based systems use a state-of-the-art data center that is used by some of the world’s top financial institutions and delivers the highest standards of security.

5. Author relations

Your content creators may be comfortable with their royalty arrangements, and skeptical about any change. But when they get to know MetaComet’s AuthorPortal, they’re usually delighted at the ease of access to their statements and the closer communication to publishers that it facilitates.

If you would like more reassurance on the barriers to royalty system adoption, contact us anytime.

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