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Save time through automation

Reduce Effort by up to 90% or more.

Royalty calculations are all about manipulating data:  Contract data, sales data, payment data, etc.  By using Royalty Tracker to record all that data in a consolidated place, your work becomes almost entirely automated.

Rather than spending time laboriously calculating, you can simply review the results.

See How MetaComet Can Help Your Royalty Management

Automated Royalty Calculations

Royalty Tracker stores your contracts as data.  Once you import sales, it automatically does all your royalty calculations and accounting.

  • Save Time
  • Reduce Risk
  • Generate royalty accrual reports

Sales Consolidation

Many publishers receive 30, 40 or even more sales files EVERY MONTH!  That can easily mean over 500 files every year.  Consolidating that sales data is time consuming and error prone.  Our Sales Aggregator is the answer:

  • Memorizes any file layout for easy import
  • Saves weeks of effort each year
  • Automatic currency conversion
  • Central Repository for all your sales files

On Demand Royalty Statements

Your royalty statements are ready when you are.  Even if you are not ready, you can still put up “interim” royalty statements to see how an author is performing.

Distributing Statements is easy:

  • Make available online through AuthorPortal.com
  • Email directly through Royalty Tracker to your authors
  • Print and send through traditional mail

Contract Templates

Most publishers have some consistency amongst their contracts, especially for newer titles.  Create new contracts in Royalty Tracker with ease using our contract templates.

  • Memorize standard contracts
  • Easily apply memorized contracts to any agreement
  • Make adjustments as necessary

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